Bits and pieces from the weekend…

My wife and I tried the new Smoke Street restaurant in Friday night. It seems to be off to a great start, as it was packed by 6:30 that night. The food was great and the atmosphere better that many places locally and quieter, too. You could actually carry on a conversation without having to shout at the other person to be heard. We certainly appreciate that. Obviously one visit isn’t enough to form a real strong opinion, but that one visit convinced us that we’ll need to go back and try more of the menu. We met manager/owner Greg Mitchell while we were there and he indicted that he is very happy with how things have gone during opening week and the reception that the local restaurant crowd has given this new place. Milford needed a good BBQ place and now it has one. This is sure to become another destination restaurant for Milford. Click here to view their menu.

We went out to the Livingston County Animal Shelter on Saturday to take one of the new Pet Calendars to them. We adopted our little dog Skippy from there and wanted to share his appearance in the Calendar (he and our other dog, Sadie, are the October dogs in the calendar. We are fortunate in this area to have Michigan’s only Pet Food Pantry for people who just can’t afford pet food anymore. The Pet Pantry is part of the Community Sharing food pantry service for needy families in this area. If you haven’t purchased your Pet Calendar yet, you need to go find one. They are only $10 and all of the proceeds go to support the Pet Pantry. Calendars are on sale a various retail stores around the area and at the Digital Document Store. They make great Christmas gifts that will bring joy the whole year. Community Sharing is much more than just a food service for people and pets. To read about the full spectrum of services that they offer, click here.

On our way back from the Livingston County Shelter we noticed that  new store has opened in Highland Station – Odds and Ins. This is a resale and consignment shop and has some really interesting stuff. They are having a Ladies Night Out on Wednesday, Nov 20, from 5 – 9 PM. If you bring a can of food to donate you will receive 10% off any purchase. Kathy Mika is the owner. The shop is located right on Milford Rd at 144 S. Milford Rd. There is parking in the rear and to the side. They have some real quality stuff on consignment there and you’re sure to want to come back often to see what’s there. Kathy told me that they turn over the merchandise quite rapidly, so there is always something new.

Yesterday was the Fall Tea at the Mary Jackson house, sponsored and put on by the Milford Historical Society. The Tea was a great success and sold out two weeks ago. The Milford Historical Society inherited the house when Mary Jackson, an actress in movies and TV and a lifelong Milfordite passed away. Mary played one of the Baldwin sisters in the TV series Walton’s Mountain and was in many movies, including Airport. Mary was born and raised in the Milford area and went to school in the Milford schools. She bought her early childhood home on Canal Street  in Milford and used to come back every summer to renew old acquaintances. The home is kept pretty much as Mary left it and is used by the Historical Society for meetings and special events.

Today is the Hunter’s Ball at Colasanti’s in Highland. This is an annual charity fund raising event that is held to give the ladies a shopping event to go to while the men are away at deer camp. Funds raised go to help women who can’t afford mammograms pay for that service. The program is administered through The Botsford Foundation. Click here to view the event poster.

As usual, there are lots of things to do in the Milford area this month and next. To keep up with all the events that are going on in the area be sure to check in regularly at . There is a poster window there with as many of the event posters as I can find. It is available also formatted as a mobile site for smartphone users.


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