Small businesses can get help with ObamaCare

man with question

As a small business owner are you confused about what to do about The Affordable Health Care Act or what’s being called ObamaCare? There’s no need to be confused or fearful. There are lots of options available to you and your employees. What you need is some information and help from people who have been trained on what this all means and what the options are for you and your business.

There are lots of free Web sites with lots of very detailed information about the program and the options; however, you really can’t Google your way out of this one.  If you need to get back to running your business, you need consulting from pros, not lots of suggested articles and places to spend your time doing research. Locally that means you need to contact Debbie Stroup of HD4 and arrange for a free consultation appointment. Debbie is at 248-227-0347.

Debbie and others on her HD4 team will go over what plans and options may fit best for you and what options your employees might be given. While she’s there, ask her how she can also help you in other areas of your small business and with your small business payroll. HD4 is a woman-owned local business with a focus on the needs of the small business owner. Tell her Norm sent you.

For a flyer on their Health Care Reform Services, click here.  For more on HD4, click here.


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