Be the cheerleader…

From my favorite daily blog comes this sage bit of advice –  “Sit loosely in the saddle of life.”  (Robert Louis Stevenson)  The Shaka!  Perhaps you’ve seen it.  Fold down the middle 3 fingers and extend the thumb and the pinkie   In Hawaii, it means hang loose…relax…everything will be OK.  In the dark days of WW 2, Churchill held up 2 fingers in the form of a V.  Hang loose!  In this world where every day seems to present a new problem, someone needs to give the Shaka sign.   😉  Jack –

CheerleaderIn real estate this is especially true these days. There are no easy, straightforward real estate deals anymore, or so it seems. Every sale is a struggle to get to the closing table. There always seem to be more issues, more rules, more reasons to delay or not approve things – more people who are up tight. Yet things get done, sales close and houses change hands. I’m convinced that today, more than ever, having a positive, “can do” attitude and being persistent is critical. Sometimes that’s hard, but it is necessary. I’ve found recently that having just one person who won’t give up and continues to act as a cheerleader for the others in the process can make all the difference.

So, while I agree with the philosophy to hang loose, everything will be OK, I also think someone needs to be out front leading that cheer. Sometimes that needs to be me. Maybe sometimes that needs to be you.

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