Big Weekend in Milford

It’s a big weekend in Milford, Michigan this weekend with three big sales events going on at once. Of Summer Paloozacourse the biggest is the Summer Palooza, which closes all of Main Street downtown to allow for sidewalk sales, kiddie rides and a beer tent with entertainment. That’s all going on from 11 until  midnight on  Friday and Saturday and from 11 am until 4 pm on Sunday. Come in downtown for great sidewalk sale deals and just to have fun.

Then right off Main Street on Commerce Rd. there’s the big Granny’s Attic Sale being put on by the Milford Historical Society. There’re lots of unique items from various estates, along with vintage furniture and antique items.

Finally the Village Fine Arts Association is having a big rummage Sale out on GM Rd across from the grade school. Amongst the rummage there are works of art from various artists who are members of VFAA.

The events this weekend are sort of a warm-up event for the biggest weekend event of the year very year – Milford Memories – which happens in August 9 – 11 this year. You can try out your summer shopping outfits this weekend and use it for training for the all-day event that is Milford Memories. You can also scout out good parking spots for the August event.

So, come on out to Milford this weekend. Shop and enjoy some of our great restaurants. Bring the kids and let them have fun, too; but please leave the pets at home. Crowded shopping streets are really not the place to be dragging your puppy around.

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