Memorial Day Parade – MIlford 2013

There is always news coverage of one of more Memorial Day parades in any town or city across America. This is a video that I shot from within the parade as I marched on Memorial Day in Milford Michigan.

As it states in the opening, this was not how it was when I came home from the war in Viet Nam. It is hard to describe the great feelings that one has while marching in this parade, especially since the war that we were in was so hated at the time. The man who you will see waving a flag ahead of me in this video had it made for this parade. In part it read – “Our cause was just”; so Viet Nam Vets are still defending ourselves and the war that we fought those many years ago; however, the heartfelt shouts of  “Thanks You” along the way goa long way to healing those old wounds.

Enjoy a moment that was special to those who marched…



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