Adding Pinterest to the mix

I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t yet get the interest in Pinterest. I read that it is the fastest growing new social media site these days. I also read that it is loved by women over men something ridiculous like 97% to 3 %. So maybe the fact that I don’t get it, nor do the majority of men points to something that is attributable to the Women are from Venus and men are from Mars theory put forth in the book by the same name.

Pinterest is visual. I get that. But that’s all it is. It has a little bit of verbiage to label the board that one is looking at and labels for each picture (if they were entered by the board creator). In many cases the pictures that make up a board (kind of like a page in Pinterest) have little in common; although the better boards do have a theme that ties all of the pictures together. It is as close to a totally non-verbal visual experience as one can find.

So, I’ve made up boards of the pictures that I take of my listings and posted them on Pinterest. You can see them at  . If you go there you’ll see some other things that I’ve created boards for in Pinterest. I’m still learning how to get pictures onto Pinterest boards and manipulate them, so they are a little disjointed. Pinterest doesn’t make it easy to load pictures to boards or to manipulate the pictures on the boards, or at least I haven’t found it to be easy, yet. Maybe that’s a man from Mars thing, too.

Anyway, enjoy what I have been able to load up to boards on Pinterest. Now that I know I’ll be doing that, I’ll probably take a lot more pictures of new listings. The other thing that I’ve decided to do is to take a lot of pictures of the interesting little details in each house – a special sink or faucet here or an interesting light fixture there. I have a feeling that this is what Pinterest is all about or at least what 97% of Pinterest users will find interesting.

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