Finding fun in Milford in the dead of winter…

You know it’s a bit slow when the top headline in the local paper is “Residents Adjusting to New Trash Days.” That was this week’s headline above the fold in the Milford Times. But, hey, it’s winter and it’s Milford. You have to work a little harder to find the things to do for a little fun in the dead of winter. Of course one can always attend the “Basics of Ice Fishing” out in Kensington Metropark.

That’s why a poster sent to me by one of the owners of the Palate restaurant seemed to represent a fun break for the winter blahs. Palate is having a Beer Dinner on Jan 29th. Now a beer dinner is sort of like a wine dinner, but without the wine snob part. I suppose that one could make the case that serving a variety of craft beers is sort of beer snob thing; however, it’s hard to use the words beer and snob in the same sentence, unless you have a bit of a smirk on your face.

Since it opened back in the late summer/early fall, 2012,  Palate has been the place to go for craft beers, with over 30 on tap, and great food. Owners Joe and Bristol Hibbert have worked hard to introduce not only great food but a new, technology-driven restaurant environment to the Milford dining scene. They are also trying to stage special dining events that will take advantage of, and highlight, their craft beer orientation and Joe’s commitment to buying local products and producing great  fresh food dishes.

So, check out the Beer Dinner, Jan 29th. I have uploaded the poster for the even to my Move To Milford web site and you can view it by clicking here. Hey, it’s the middle of the winter and we’re in Milford, Michigan. That doesn’t mean we can’t have fun.  See the poster for cost and where to call for reservations.

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