Put a little skip back into your life…

From the blog Jack’s Winning Words comes this bit of advice. “How to keep a healthy level of sanity:  As often as possible, skip, rather than walk.”  (Gary Barnes)  For many of us, as we grow older and discover that we can no longer skip; we begin asking – “What has happened to my childhood when skipping came so easy and was so much fun?”  What other skills have we lost in the aging process?  …making up games?  …daring to do things?  …being excited about tomorrow?  …the wonder of discovering something new?

I posted a blog about a month ago about being silly enough to make a funny face in the mirror every now and then. I think that is just one of the things that many may retain from childhood, even if they lose the ability to skip. After all, childhood is as much a state of mind is it about age or physical things. As we grow older too many of us take ourselves and life all too seriously. Cynicism replaces wonder and joy. Worrying about rules replaces making up games. Caution replaces adventure and daring to do things and concerns about tomorrow replace the excitement of getting there.

I celebrate waking up each morning with my dog Sadie. She always seems so happy to wake up to a new day and there’s walk the dognothing like a waging tail and a few dog kisses to start a day off on the right foot. Of course it could be that she’s just excited that we are about to go for our “morning mile” walk – the first a many that day; but I prefer to think that she too is happy to have made it to another day. We may not skip our way around Milford as we start our day; but, we’re happy and maybe a little more healthy and sane for having gotten out and around the Village before first light, even on these cold winter mornings.

You may not have a Sadie to take a walk with; but, I’ll bet, that if you get up and get out for a walk (or run) before you’ve started being an adult for that day, perhaps a little skip will come back into your step.


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