Marching blindly towards the edge…

“Cautious, careful people, always casting about to preserve their reputation and social standing, never can bring about reform.” (Susan B. Anthony) from a recent Jack’s Winning Words blog. Had Susan B. changed the word “social” in her saying to “political”, she would have nailed the current stalemate in Washington over the so-called “Fiscal Cliff.” The politicians there, on both sides of the aisle are busy posturing to their extremist bases, rather than worrying about the good of the country. The country desperately needs real reform – reform of the tax code and reform of the entitlement programs – yet there is no political will in Washington to tackle either, lest the extremist bases become enraged.

As usual, it’s all about money. Politicians these days are essentially always running for office, always fund raising and always trying to keep their donors happy. The people whose interests they supposedly represent – their constituents back home – probably rank down about 4th or 5th on their list of concerns and things that get their attention. I’m relatively sure that the founding fathers never imagined this scenario when they started the country and created the political process of elections.

I must admit that I’ve perhaps been a bit too hard in my criticism of Speaker Boehner lately. Apparently it won’t be his recession after all, since he doesn’t have any real control over his party members. It will be the called the Politicians Recession in homage to the intransigent politicians on both sides who refuse to move towards compromise and reform. What sounds more like a WWF tag team match – The Flaming Liberals vs. the Butt-headed Tea Partiers – we are all witness to one of the greatest disservices to the country ever – allowing the country to fall off the Fiscal Cliff. It’s too bad that we can stand at the edge and throw the politicians over the cliff instead.

Actually we have a few more days of high drama ahead. Watch for more plot twists and turns in the coming week than are normally seen on a day-time soap opera. It would make for wonderful viewing on nightly TV, if it weren’t such a real crisis. At least if it were a TV reality show, maybe we’d all be allowed to vote the bums off the show. As it is, we’re stuck with these clowns. Where’s the “You’re outa here” buzzer when we need it.

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