Making history while preserving history…

The Milford Historical Society (MHS) tends to focus on its mission of collecting,museum preserving and sharing the history of Milford, Michigan through educational programs at the Milford Historical Museum and out in the community. Every now and then the Society makes a little history itself by doing new and innovative things in pursuit of that mission.

If you haven’t been to the Milford Historical Society Web site – lately. You really should visit. MHS has announced that it is in the information and photograph collection process for a new book on the history of Milford. The MHS originally produced the book “Ten Minutes Ahead of the Rest of The World” in the mid-1970’s. That book, which primarily documented the founding of Milford and events through the end of the Nineteenth Century, is now in its third printing and still selling strong for local residents. The new book, which currently has the working title “Milford in the 20th history bookCentury”, will focus upon the events in and around Milford in the period from 1900 to 2000 – the 20th Century.

There were lots of significant events happening around the world and in the United State during that period – World Wars, The Great Depression the real growth of the Michigan-based automotive industry and much more. The MHS will be attempting to document in stories and pictures what was happening in Milford during those events, as well as what local things happened of impact to the citizens of Milford. Local residents and those who may have moved away are encourage to share with the MHS your pictures and stories. You may email things to or send them to me at . We have already put a link on our Web site to the wonderful Facebook page “I remember that in Milford, Michigan” and we hope that people will want us to use the stories and pictures that they have shared there.

In addition to the new book, we have put a toe into the 21st Century waters of MissionFishLogoInternet commerce by signing up with a charity fund-raising organization called MissionFish  put a link on our home page for a page on eBay where people can sign up to sell things and have a portion be donated to the MHS. You can also just donate directly from that page. We will soon be opening a Web-based store on our site where you will be able to buy the various things that we currently only sell in the Museum – books, prints of old maps and pictures and other things that we sell to support the Museum.

We have also announced the creation of an endowment, which will be set up to allow donors to put money into a fund that will be invested for the sole purpose of keeping the Milford Historical Museum operating. More on that as it unfolds. Soon patrons will be able to designate estate contributions to the Milford Historical Museum Endowment Fund. We hope to raise enough in the fund to support the on-going operation of the museum through investment earnings from this fund.

Finally there is also a link on our home page to an organization that rewards people for their volunteer efforts in support of non-profit organizations like the MHS. do-good_logoClick on the big heart with the “Do Good, Get Rewards” wording in the middle to see how you can earn rewards for donating your time to the MHS. I think it’s great that someone can report the time that they put in helping local charity and other non-profits and get rewards. Even if it’s not the MHS, you should go there to see how you can get rewards for the volunteer work that you do for all of the organizations that your support through volunteer work.


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