Dealing with Dumb and dumber…

It is so tiresome to have to spend my time fixing Microsoft’s problems. One would think that after 30+ years of making PC operating system software Microsoft could get it right enough to keep the system operating, even if there are upgrades to stuff (especially if it’s Microsoft stuff to begin with). Yet I have struggled for two days, going to on-line forums and trying the advice that I found there to get sound back on my HP laptop – all to no avail.

Sound which was working a few days ago just stopped  working recently. Oddly enough there was also one of those Annoying Microsoft Updates that took place just at about the same time. Now I’m trying to get sound back. It says it’s working when I do all of the recommended  troubleshooting, but no sound is coming out of the speaker or the headphones if I plug them in. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled the CODEX driver for sound – nothing. I’ve run all of the recommended trouble shooting software  – nothing. I even bought RegCure to fix the registry (it found 1024 problems ion my computer and fixed them, but none had any impact on the silence).

I’m not sure what is next. It would be to junk this Microsoft/Intel  PC and get into an Apple PC, if I could afford it. Alas I’m stuck with this MicroTel mess that the modern PC has evolved into.

Today, after having tried for two days to fix the mess of Dumb, I hit Dumber from Comcast. All of a sudden my internet stopped working…sort of. I could get to some things but not others. I could get email but I couldn’t “see” my own web sites. At first I thought it must be the host for my sites, but they quickly responded that everything on their end was OK. So, I call tech support for Comcast and eventually got them to admit that the problems that I am experiencing were because of “the outage”. I asked what “the outage” was and of course it is the problem that is causing my problems…no explanation of where or why or when it will be fixed… just the vague explanation that things should be good in 2-3 days, unless I want to buy some chargeable tech support and then everything could be better right away. Now, I really didn’t buy into that, but it seemed a sleazy thing to even offer at the time.

So, I’m still suffering through “the outage”, which means that internet service comes and goes and is relatively random, in terms of what it is when it works. Now I have a mute PC that can only sometimes connect to the Internet and I’m at the mercy of Dumb and Dumber to make things better. I may have to move to an Apple PC on a 4GL public carrier network to get these problems resolved. I certainly have little faith that MiccoTel and Comcast will provide any real help. They are the problem, not the solution.

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