Great Halloween night

This is as much a follow up to my last post about MIlford and the Boo Bash as anything. Last night was Halloween night. Even though it was cold and occasionally drizzly we had tons of kids come bye. I ended up with one box of Milk Duds left, after going through 7 bags of candy.

That’s just another great thing about Milford. The layout and population density of the Village and several of it’s major subs encourages Trick or Treating. Lots of kids from the Township and surrounding areas are brought in by their parents for the evening; and, that’s a good thing – the more the merrieer.

Another thing that we see every Hallowen is a number of parents who dress up too and accompany their children. No, they don’t actually come to the door and ask for candy. They’re just out there, having fun and making sure that their kids are safe. I enjoy talking to the parents, too.

So. another year is marked by the passage of Halloween. Now, it’s on to the Holiday Season, in advance of the dead of winter. We have the Great Reveal to lookl forward to this month, as well as the Christmas Parade the weekend after Thanksgiving. there are a number of upcoming charity events in the area, too. Visit for  a complete list of upcoming community events.


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