Local business referrals…why should you care?

I have a section on my Move to Milford web site that is dedicated to giving referrals to local businesses. Why should you care?

Well, lots of people who might be moving into the area (hence the name) might not know who to call for a plumbing problem or what is a good bank or credit union or where to go to get their hair done. Let’s face it, when you move to a new area you don’t know anybody or anything about the area. It’s like starting over again. Maybe you’ll have a helpful and friendly neighbor to advise you on a few things; but, for the most part you’re on your own.

I’d like to think that my Move To Milford web site can provide you with some help. I don’t have recommendations for everything that you might need. But I do have quite a few categories to look at and the locals who are highlighted there are people that I either use myself or would use if I needed their services.

These are all businessmen and women that I have met through the Chamber of Commerce, either the Huron Valley Chamber or the Lakes Area Chamber;  which is one thing in their favor already. They are people with good reputations and with lots of satisfied local customers. I don’t keep businesses on that list if I’ve been unhappy or I hear of unresolved issues with unhappy clients.

So go to MoveToMilford.com and click on the Local Business Referrals button at the top (it’s the Recommended local businesses choice on the index page, if you’re on the mobile version of the site) and choose from the various categories of businesses that are there. You’ll generally find 1-2 recommended business in each category, some times more.

If you don’t find what you need, send me an email from the site – Go to the About Me Page and send me an email from there. I’ll see if there’s someone that I can recommend locally for that need.


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