Putting life into your years…

“It’s not the years in your life, but the life in your years, that counts.” Adlai E. Stevenson) from the Jack’s Winning Words blog.

I’m old enough to know who Adlai Stevenson was. I even remember listening to him make speeches when he was a presidential candidate. He’s probably the smartest man that never got elected President; but then intelligence has never been required for political success.

Today’s quote is certainly a wake-up call to not waster the time that we have here on earth, but to pack as much living into that time as possible. You often hear people saying at funerals that, ”He (she) lived a good long life. If the funeral is for an older person it is true that he may have lived a long life and one can only hope that it was a good life – full of joy and laughter, adventure and wonder – a life lived to its fullest.

I think a big part of having a great life is having someone to share it with, someone to laugh at your jokes (no matter how lame) and go on those adventures with you. I have my life partner, Carolyn, and we can look back and laugh at lots of things that have happened to us on our adventures together. It’s sad to see the many people going through life without a traveling companion. Many have probably had a partner, only to lose them. That’s sad too, but at least they have the memories of those times together.

Probably the saddest are those who have never had a companion for the journey through life. I’ve met a few and have noticed that they are often very self-centered, since they have no one else to share things with.  Some are very interesting, since they’ve had the freedom to pursue things in life that others with more obligations might not experience. They’ll usually be more than happy to share stores (and pictures) of those solo adventures with whomever will listen.

But enough about sad stuff. Life is out there to be lived today; so, jump right in or grab your partner and get on with it. It the end of the day maybe you’ll be able to sit back with that significant other and have a good laugh.

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