Great weekend and good times had by all…

We had perfect weather over the weekend for the Home Tour and the Car Show. The Car Show drew a record number of cars on display and had a very good spectator turnout. The Home Tour also did well on a cool fall weekend. Some past Home Tours have been too hot, especially since many of the historic homes on the tours do not have central air conditioning. From what I could tell the Tractor Show had a good turnout, too. I didn’t get to see any of the Duck Race events, but the Rotary Club of Milford always does a good job with that.

So, now, it’s on into autumn.  Football is in full swing at all levels and the air is starting to crisp up a bit. I tend to measure the passing of another year by Halloween. I’m not sure why, but that’s the last holiday of the year where we can normally still sit or stand outside to give out the candy to the kids that come by.  Since we live in the Village, we get lots of Halloween trick-or-treaters. Many family from outlying areas in the Township will load up a van with kids and bring them into the Village to trick or treat; that’s fine with us. Hopefully we’ll have a crisp, but not cold, evening for that holiday.

We also had a birthday party over the weekend. Our only granddaughter turned 8 this year. This was the family party, since she is “too old” to have family at her real birthday party with friends. It’s funny how that happens. Her mom told us that she no longer has “play dates” with friends; now they “hang out together.” How fast they grow up!

The real estate sales data for last week is posted. I noticed a decline in sales, which had been running in the range of 70 to 80 sales a week, down to just over 50 last week. Distressed ales were generally down again, with the three markets in Livingston County that I track – Brighton, Green Oak and Hartland- showing n9t a single distressed sale. I’ve added the ability to see the sales data for the entire 9 township market on a weekly basis as the month progresses. Several markets are now running consistently above $100/Sq. Ft., which is another good indicator of the recovery that is under way.


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