You haven’t lived in Milford until you’ve…

Visited the Milford Feed Store. Yes, Milford has a Feed Store; it’s actually called the Milford Feed Company and it is tucked away at the end of Houghton St (south off Atlantic), just before you’d reach the river. It actually looks like a place that would be called The Feed Store and has a barn out back, too.

In the past almost every small town and village in America had a feed store, especially the towns that were oriented around agriculture, as Milford was originally. In many cases the feed store was associated with the local grain elevator. Feed stores didn’t start out to be pet food stores, either; they were the places where you could get feed for the livestock on the farm. You can still do that at the Milford Feed Store, in addition to getting lots of different and mostly all natural foods for your domestic pets.

The Milford Feed Store has been around since the early 70’s and at one time was in the building that now houses Club Pet on Commerce Rd. That building was apparently the VFW hall at one time before it was the Milford Feed Store. The store has always been owned and run by Kathleen Percy. Kathleen is a very knowledgeable person about  the food needs of various animals and about how to identify and deal with food allergies that your pet may have.  She is also a joy to talk to about your pets or anything else. Unlike a hired clerk in some chain pet store, Kathleen works with a passion about what she’s doing and shares that passion with pet owners or livestock owners who venture into her store.

The Milford Feed Store is really one of those old-fashion, small town stops that have all but disappeared in most areas. Milford is fortunate to have retained both its small town flavor and many of the unique little stores that characterized small town America for decades. I’ll be writing about more of Milford’s small-town stores in future articles. For now, try the adventure of visiting the Milford Feed Store. Plan to spend a little time looking around at things you won’t see in the typical pet food store and spending some time talking to Kathleen. She’ll want to know all about you and your pets and you’ll leave feeling better about what you’re doing to meet their food needs. If you need a chew toy or other pet supplies, she’s got that, too. Try the cow knee caps. She’ll tell you that dogs love them.

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