Local bits and pieces…

Things can’t be that bad in the economy – I’ve heard from Kim Galbraith, owner of 2 Moms & a Mop,  a few times lately that she can’t find people to work on her cleaning crews. You would think that with an unemployment rate stuck near 9% it wouldn’t be all that hard to find people who want work. I guess you’d be wrong. Perhaps it’s that last word – WORK – that scares people off. Kim pays well and even extends a benefits package to full-time employees. She is looking for reliable workers who will show up for work and work to the standards that she has set for her business. If you or someone you know is looking for employment and are not scared off if it involves work, click here for an application that you can send in to Kim.

An opportunity to support a local tradition – I’ve spent the last two weeks soliciting support for the upcoming Milford Home Tour. Milford has one of the only successful home tours in Oakland County. Our Milford Home Tour, which is presented by the Milford Historical Society, is now in its 37th year. I’ve got lots of sponsor packets out and I hope that things have improved enough in the economy that local businesses can spend a couple hundred dollars to support the Milford Historical Society and this traditional fall event. Call or email me if you’d like to be a sponsor or a support of the Milford Home Tour. Supporter packages start as low as $200.

The third weekend in September (14th and 15th) will be another of those busy weekends in Milford. The Home Tour is on both days; however, Sunday is crammed full of things to do. There is the Milford Car Show, the largest annual car show in this area, that takes up all of Main St and runs from about 8 am (check in time and positioning cars on the street) until 4 pm. The actual display time and voting time for the public is 11 am until 4 pm. For more on the Milford Car show and how to register a car, click here.

Then there’s the Tractor Show out at the Huron Valley State Bank parking lot at the corner of Milford Rd and GM Rd. Tractors of all vintages and type will be on display there.  That show runs from 11 am until 5 pm on Sunday only.

Finally there’s the annual Rotary Club of Milford Duck Race. Thousands of yellow rubber ducks will be dumped into the Huron River east of the Village and will be swimming frantically for Central Park where the first duck across the finish line will win a big prize for its owner. To find out how to get a duck in the race click here.

Milford honored to host the 2012 Oakland County Heritage Conference – The Annual Oakland County Heritage Conference will be held in Milford this year on September 19th at the Milford Presbyterian Church. This conference, which is sponsored by the Oakland County Economic Development and Community Affairs Office will be focusing upon what makes someplace a “Place”, a destination. Milford was chosen for its strong integration of its historical downtown and Historic District into the fabric of the community. The meeting attendees will be taking walking tours of the historic downtown area and of a portion of the Historic District. The group is particularly interested in how Milford has been able to successfully conduct the Home Tour for 37 years. For more on this conference, click here.

Of course to keep up on a daily basis with what’s going on inthe Milford/Highland area, go to my web site http://www.movetomilford.com for the complete upcoming events calendar.

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