Stop by Granny’s Garage Sale

Garage saleThe Milford Historical Society will conduct a Granny’s Garage Sale on the front porch of the Milford Historical Museum during the first two days of the Milford Memories Festival. The sale, which features collectibles, antiques and garage sale items (but no clothing), will run from 9 am until 4 pm on Friday, Aug 10, and Saturday, Aug 11.

In addition to the garage sale the Historical Society will have two tents on the front lawn of the museum. One tent will contain a display of items that are normally displayed in the museum, including native American artifacts that were collected by a Society member. The other tent will be used to sell the items that are normally sold inside the museum, including rare photo prints and the Historical Society book “Ten Minutes Ahead Of The Rest Of The World”, the history of Milford, Michigan.

People planning on visit the Milford Memories Festival are encouraged to stop by the Museum and get acquainted with the Milford Historical Society. Perhaps you will find a treasure among the items on sale at Granny’s Garage Sale.

The Milford Historical Society was founded in 1973 by a group of citizens who recognized the importance of the heritage of their community and wished to share it with their contemporaries and preserve it for those who will follow. To these ends, the members have established a museum, a research and archives room, and have sponsored, in conjunction with the Milford Township Library and the State of Michigan Library, the microfilming of the Milford Times newspaper beginning with the first issue in 1871. The Society’s continuing projects include an annual home tour, various research projects and an effort toward local architectural preservation.


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