July is in the books and the stats are up…

I’ve just completed updating the sold real estate stats for the markets that I track locally – Milford, Highland Commerce, White Lake, Lyon &; West Bloomfield in Oakland County; and Green Oak, Brighton and Hartland in Livingston County. So how are we doing so far in 2012?

Did more homes sell in Highland or Milford in July? How about year-to-date? Is the median home price higher in Commerce or Lyon? How about the cost per square foot? Which market had the most New-Build sales in July? Is Brighton on average more or less expensive than West Bloomfield in terms of average cost per sq ft for a home? If I was looking for a lower cost (average sale price) home market, would I look in White Lake or Highland? Which market had the shortest days-on-market for July? How about year-to-date? Which market had the least amount (%) of distressed sales – short sales and foreclosed sales – during July? How did July compare to June in those markets?

You can find the answers to those questions and more at my site www.movetomilford.com under the choice “What have homes in this area sold for?” While you’re there you can also check out what events are coming up in the Milford/Highland area or find a referral to a local business. If you want to know lots more about Milford, just choose the “Click on Milford” button at the top of the page for everything about Milford.

I live and work in Milford, Michigan and think it’s the greatest place in Michigan to live. There’s always something to do in the area for the whole family and lots of great restaurants to visit. The shops downtown are still useful for shopping for more than knick-knacks (although we have those, too). Soon we will be hosting Milford Memories, one of the largest Street festivals in Michigan; followed by the Milford Home Tour and the Milford Car show and the Tractor Show on the third weekend in September.

So study the real estate stats and learn more about Milford and when you’re ready to Move To Milford give me a call, I can help with that.

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