Ignorance rears its ugly head in Milford…

Over the weekend ignorance made an ugly appearance in Milford. Some disgruntled person without the intelligence to figure out a positive way to channel what is apparently a large load of hate against one of the local candidates for office took out that hate on his campaign signs with a spray paint can. I sincerely hope they catch this miscreant and prosecute him/her to the fullest. Hopefully the perpetrator  will be required to pay for all of the damaged campaign signs.

There are ways that people of any intelligence at all can express their displeasure with a candidate. The most obvious way is to work to help another candidate elected. People of lower intelligence resort to things like heckling at campaign rallies or speeches; or perhaps just emailing a rant or two to the candidate. Really ignorant people resort to physical acts like the spray painting of campaign signs aor the theft of those signs.

So if you know who the low-life is who did this deed over the weekend, let the Milford Police know. Destruction of campaigns signs is against the law. Idiots like this will be spray painting graffiti or racial slurs on building next . They need professional help and a trip to the woodshed. Usually people who are this stupid are also dumb enough to like to brag about their vandalism, so keep an ear out for a braggaing fool and report him/her to the police.

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