Bits and Pieces…

Let’s start the week getting caught up with a bunch of little bits and pieces.

First, I didn’t win the Harley Davidson motorcycle that the Milford Historical Society raffled off this past weekend; although I believe that I sold the winning ticket.  Milford’s ex-Police Chief (retired) Wayne Walli won the Harley and I recall selling him at least one ticket at one of our local “Lunch in the Valley” gatherings. Congratulations Wayne! I guess I can return my leathers and helmet.

I’m looking forward to the Independence Day Parade this Wednesday. It should be one of the biggest ever. Election years bring out all of the politicians and there are a number of local races that have multiple candidates, so there’ll be lots of them this year. A special thanks to our parade sponsors – Milford Township and Feldman Automotive Group as Presenting Sponsors, plus Hines Park Ford, Veterinary Care Specialists, and LaFontaine Automotive as Key Sponsors and The Digital Document Store and Milford Laundry as Sponsors. Several individuals also contributed.

It’s been so hot lately that we’ve started taking our dog, Sadie, out to the Bark Park in the evening. Lots of people have come to same conclusion, so now the time to be there is between 7:30 and 9 PM. By then it’s cooled into the 80’s and there’s always a breeze at the Park. It’s still too hot for the dogs to do much running, but it’s good to get them outside for a while.

I’m starting to gear up for the September Home Tour and Milford Car Show. I’ll be looking for sponsors for those soon. They take place in the third weekend in September. To keep us all amused until then we have Summer Palooza coming up this month (it replaces Shop Rock and Stroll) and of course the biggie – the Milford Memories Festival in August.

I can’t be at either of the September events this year, because I’ve committed to attend my 50-year high school reunion. Wow, where did the time go? I literally left for college and never went back. This is actually the first reunion event that my high school class has ever held.  It should be fun to see people that I haven’t seen in those 50 years.

I got the flyer on the Road Millage ballot proposal last week. It just makes sense to vote for this millage and get the roads in the Village repaired/replaced and then maintained. I know that some just hate taxes so much that they vote against proposed tax; however, the roads aren’t going to fix themselves and many are in desperate need right now. You can only throw cold patch into the potholes for so long.

I heard recently of a proposal that is floating around to turn some of our paved streets back into unpaved, mainly because they can then be maintained with a road grader. Having driven some of our more notorious local roads in the winter, when the grader can’t be used, I certainly hope that this proposition doesn’t gain traction. Our winter freeze/thaw cycles turn many local unpaved roads into almost impassable, rut-filled obstacle courses. Of course that does hold down the speeds that concern some.

So here we are, stepping off into July, the second half of 2012. Let’s hope the rest of 2012 is as much fun as the first half. I’m sure it will be, because there’s always something to do around Milford. For a run down on all of the Upcoming Community Events, go to my Web site I’ll see you at the parade!

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