A new restaurant in the area

Kensington Grill entrance

A new restaurant has opened in the Lyon Center shopping area – the Kensington Grill. The Kensington Grill is located at 30712 Lyon Center Dr E, New Hudson, MI 48165. Long time residents of the area would likely describe it as “where the old Chilli’s used to be.”My wife and I sampled the fare there on Saturday night and were very pleased with what we got. The prices are sure to please, too. The restaurant features a full bar and drinks are moderately priced.

As the Grill name might hint at,there is an orientation towards foods that are grilled or barbecued . Even the pizzas are grilled, which gives them a nice crunchy crust.  A wide variety of burgers and sandwiches are backed up by a good list of barbecued items and then quite a few non-barbeque entries, including pasta dishes. There are also a good selection of salads and a varied appetizer Kensington Grillmenus, including fried pickles. If you’re up for it after the meal there are some delicious sounding deserts as well.

The Kensington Grill is a nice addition to the local restaurant scene and just adds to the reputation fo this area as a destination for great dining.

In a twist of fate for me, the owner of the Kensington Grill, Mark Mitra, happened by our table and it turns out that he is an old friend of mine from our days together at Digital EquipmentCorporation in the IT business. He went on to the restaurant business about the time that I was getting out of the IT world, too. He now owns and operates five eateries. I wish him well in this venture. Check it out!


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