May Real Estate Sales Stats now available

Since this is a new blog site for me, any followers would likely not know that I post sales information on my web site every week.

I track several local township real estate markets in my little corner of SE Michigan – Milford (of course), Highland, Commerce (including Walled Lake and Wolverine Lake), White Lake, Lyon Twp (including South Lyon), and West Bloomfield in Oakland County. I also track Green Oak, Brighton (including the city) and Hartland in Livingston County.

I’m well aware that some of the local papers provide weekly reports on what sold and for how much and that is a part of the story. As Paul Harvey might have said, you should go to the Move To Milford web site for “the rest of the story.”

Of course I report the listed and sold prices for the homes that I track, which are sales above $20,000 in each of the those areas. I also report the percentage of sold vs. listed, the Michigan SEV value and the ratio of sold price vs SEV, plus the days on market, the Sq Footage of the homes and the listed and sold price per Sq. Ft.

Those statistics are all good indicators of the state of the market and become more valuable if you can look at them over time. I provide running Y-T-D statistics for each market and up to three years of history (more for a few of the markets).

In addition there are market absorption reports, up to the minute market charts for things like inventory and days on market and more, all available at my two real estate Web sites – and Check them out!

If you are in distress financially right now and at your wits end about what to do about your mortgage and your home, please go to another of my web sites – and read through the material there that discusses short sales as an alternative to foreclosure or bankruptcy.


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