Facing your fears…

“The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek.”(Joseph Campbell) from my favorite blog – Jack’s Winning Words.

I’m a Realtor in Milford, Michigan. In real estate the caves that are oft bypassed out of fear seem mostly to do with prospecting. The cold-calling phone day at the office is something to be avoided. Walking up and knocking on the door of the FSBO is feared. Called the expired listing is daunting. And these days, we might add taking that short sale listing to the list of feared things. Yet all of these thngs hold the treasures of real estate – listings.

There are tons of good articles and books about how to overcome your fears, so I won’t comment here on that. The point is to recognize that you are avoiding many caves that hold potential treasures out of some sort of dread and doing somethng about it. Have a great day and make sure you explore some new caves.

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