Give the most precious gift of all – your time…

February 4, 2019

This little bit of wisdom comes from a recent post to the blog Jack’s Winning Words – “Waste of time is the most extravagant of all expenses.”  (Theophrastus)

It would follow then that the gift of your time to someone else would be the most extravagant gift that one could give.

It is not unusual for older people (especially dads) to look back over their lives and regretworking against time not having spent more time with their children when they were young and at home. Too many dads see in hindsight that the long hours at work that they put in, trying to earn more for their family, were also missed opportunities to spend time with the children when they were growing up.

Missed ball games, or dance recitals, or school plays were precious moments that cannot be made up later. Whatever the extra money bought is long gone, along with those opportunities to be there as they grew. It gets worse for two-earner families where both parents miss all of the events of childhood.

grandparentsMany adult children also have regrets about not visiting more often with parents, or other family members, before they were gone. You hear it all the time, “I wish I had the opportunity to tell him/her that I loved them before they passed.”  You did have that time, but you chose to spend it elsewhere.

So, consider those things before you waste that most precious of all commodities in your life – your time. Is there someone that you can give that time to by spending it with them? Is putting in that extra time at work really more important than seeing that ball game or attending that recital? Is working on your home projects to-do list more father-daughter danceimportant than stopping by to see how mom and dad are doing, or maybe just giving them a call to chat. And, is collapsing in your chair with that after work beer really as important as taking time to talk with your spouse about how their day was?

Memories in life are not filled with the recollections of possessions that you managed to accumulate; memories are made up of snippets of time, some happy, some sad; but all well spent and mostly spent on and with others.

family grroupThe bottom line is that all you really have is your time. Don’t waste it; but, rather, spend it wisely on and with those that you love. Be there for the game. Be there for the dance recital. Be there at the end of the day to talk with your spouse. Don’t just do it – just be there – give the gift of your time.

In his post, Jack referenced the famous Jim Croce song “Time in a Bottle”. Listen to it and consider this –

How will you spend your time today?


Get your reward…give joy to others

February 2, 2019

From a recent post to the Jack’s Winning Words blog – “There are those who give with joy, and that joy is their reward.”  (Gibran)

The newspapers and TV news organizations often cover stories about people volunteering to help others, whether it is at a homeless shelter , a soup kitchen or maybe just a phone bank where volunteers are answering calls about things like drug addiction. Whatever the story, there are always a few who show up on camera, sometimes they aresewrving soup interviewed and sometimes the camera just pans around and you see them. For some of those people, that is their joy. In fact, for some, that is their reason for being there – to be recognized and acknowledged for their work.

But, in most cases, there are many more people involved who do not make it into the picture or on the screen. They are busy working away in the background, doing the tasks that must be done in order to allow those on camera to do their part – cooking food, packing food, delivering food or other tasks that don’t make it on camera. . For them the joy is found in just doing for others, and it can be a much more profound joy, because it comes from within.

I’ve written here before about serving at our church’s annual Lenten Soup Supper. I bowl of soupalways try to volunteer to do the job that no one else seems to want, busing tables, washing dishes, collecting the trash, whatever. There are other jobs that seem to get more attention and praise, but none that gives the satisfying sense of joy that doing those unglamorous jobs that need to be done provides. Sure, a few people at the tables may say “Thank you” when I bus the table, but most of the joy for me comes from within – from doing a job that needed to be done and which added in some small way to their joy in the event.

There is an old saying that “It’s better to give than to receive”. It turns out that, by giving joy to others, you will also receive joy in return – from within. Therefore, the next time that you ask yourself how you could be happier in life; answer by deciding to give joycaring and happiness to others and your life will take care of itself. There are ton’s of opportunities in every community to volunteer to serve worthy causes and to help others – to bring joy into their lives. Guess what will also come into your life? Find your joy in service to others.

Have a joyful weekend – find a way to serve others.